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On a Sunday afternoon in late December, I had the absolute joy of photographing the beautiful joining of the Dirks and Norton families. We started the day at the Dirks’ gorgeous home, as the bride got ready in her childhood bedroom. The navy and gold color palette blended beautifully with the season’s hues of red and green. One of my favorite moments of the day was when the bride got to see her wedding ring for the first time. The ceremony was touching and full of song & scripture. The entire day was simply lovely and meaningful. Joe & Hilary – I’m so happy for you two! You are so loved!

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On a gorgeous Saturday in October, the family and friends of John & Kate gathered to celebrate a beautiful marriage. The trees had turned colors, the sun was shining and the navy, green & white details were stunning. John & Kate – I am so honored I got to capture your day. You two are so loved! From the epic dance party to the heartfelt toasts, you were surrounded by the people that love you most. I loved getting to spend time with you on the golf course before the reception – watching you two connect and laugh and tell each other about your morning. I wish you all of the happiness in the world! Here are some of my favorite images from your day. Enjoy!
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I’m so thrilled to share these images from Natalee and Luke’s wedding a few weeks ago! The day was simply beautiful. The fall temperature was refreshing and crisp, and the sun shined all day without a cloud in the sky. Natalee & Luke were surrounded by the most loving family and friends and I’m so grateful I could capture their special moments, promises and fun! The details, special touches and color palette were gorgeous – and their little baby Lambeau (the most adorable golden retriever) made an appearance as each guest’s place cards. Natalee & Luke – I hope you look back at your wedding day and smile! It was truly a perfect day! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Wing!

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Oh my, I’m so thrilled to share a few of these images! Two weeks ago, on a gorgeous Saturday, the rain clouds stayed away for the celebration of two beautiful families becoming one. Kelly & Dillon – your day was so wonderful! From the rustic + country touches on every detail, to the gorgeous coral + tan color palette, this day was a perfect reflection of you and your love story! I loved being a part of each and every moment. These are some of my favorite captures from the day! Enjoy!

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  • Carrie Cotten

    Gorgeous!!! Love the venue and colors, these are fantastic!ReplyCancel

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